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Friday, February 25, 2011

The Exploration of Food and Dietary Habits

A Medley of Nuts & Seeds - Photo by MeetaK
For the sake of creativity, an avid interest in food and drink, and knowledge and the sake of constantly seeking new ways to health and balance, I've tried all sorts of dietary regimens and foods, reasonably speaking.

No...still no exploring into an insect diet. Can't quite get myself to that realm of eating. But I hear that if one is able to push aside their culturally-conditioned aversion to eating bugs, that the fare can be quite tasty...and crunchy. LOL

At this this point, I just want to be healthy and holistic, so I'm not too keen on exclusivity in dietary habits anymore. I just like exploring good foods and whole and fresh ingredients. Nature provides us with so many delights that I don't understand how anyone can radically exclude most things, let alone be bored in their diets, unless there are allergies, health issues, and enzyme deficiencies to take into consideration..

If I like to eat lots of rice and consider it beyond thrilling to check out all sorts of rice varieties in local markets, why should I cut out eating rice because it's either a high complex carb or it requires boiling and cooking? Restrictions for the sake of restrictions aren't my thing and now I know that through much trial and error. This doesn't mean I can't respect religious and/or socio-political purposes behind certain dietary observations.
Inside Info: I use the word diet here as a way to simply refer to a -way- of eating. I am not using "diet" to specifically mean a way to control weight and body fat (example: "I am going on a diet"). A particular diet and set of habits can provide weight loss for someone, being the sole purpose and intent, but again I am just using diet to mean eating regimen and habits.
I used to be vegetarian for several years and then I became what is called a "pescetarian," someone who eats vegetarian but includes fish in their diet.

I just couldn't give up seafood! Especially sushi. I love the stuff. And it's good for you.

I no longer classify myself as a vegetarian, although I tend to naturally enjoy and eat far more grains, fruits, and vegetables over meats. But several times I have ventured into low-carb dieting in the past, which encouraged me to consume far more meat in my diet.

Photo by West of Persia
Lately, I find myself very intrigued by raw food eating and dieting. I've heard about raw food eating for some time but never really researched much about it. I assumed it was a diet exclusively of raw and fresh vegetables, nuts, and fruits. Well that is if you are a vegan/vegetarian raw foodist, as some raw foodists can and do eat meat, just fresh, uncooked meat such as sashimi or ceviche (seafood "cooked"/denatured and preserved naturally by citrus acids rather than heat).

I am definitely interested in learning more about raw food dieting. Because I don't like to be so exclusive when I eat, I don't see myself being a dedicated raw-foodist. But I'd like to enrich my diet with raw food eating habits and delicious raw food recipes, especailly for times where I'd love to naturally detox and rejuvenate my body and mind. I mean who can't use more fresh, raw, and whole foods in their diet? We all can.

I am also ready to start using my juicer more often. In fact, I consider a goof juicer a must-have in a kitchen. It's a wonderful kitchen toy and a worthwhile investment.

The amateur naturopath in me is also interested in exploring diets and foods because I find anything relating to the medicinal, nutritional, and functional properties of food to be captivating. I always want to research, learn about, read about, and experiment with all sorts of ingredients to open up my mind further on different and new ways of eating. I want to learn about foods and ingredients I am not only familiar with but stuff I've never tried or heard about.

I feel that eating should be fun and creative along with nutritive. We should delight in what bring to the table, shop for, and request in our favorite eateries. We should take more pleasures in preparing foods from scratch and respecting what the earth provides for us. We should be far more aware of how our foods are prepared and what goes into our bodies.

We should become more intuitive and mindful eaters. Eating with all of the senses.

Exploration leads to culinary adventure and enlightenment.
  • What sorts of foods and new ways of eating have you always wanted to try? 
  • What kinds of foods do you like to eat the most?
  • What sorts of dietary ventures have you had negative experiences with?
  • Have you tried a raw food diet or are you a raw foodist? What are your experiences like? What would you like to share?