"Food: Science, Art, Passion, Pleasure, Adventure & Exploration"

About Allyson

Life constantly presents snapshots of you in everything you see and do
Merry Meet!

Who am I?

I am an avid and enthusiastic food lover and a native of West Los Angeles, a place that offers constant opportunities to explore so many delights related to food culture and trends.

I love baking and cooking, but I have a special interest in desserts and sweets, if you couldn't tell by now.

My middle name is passion. Well, not really, but you get my drift. I just mean that I am fueled by passion in all that I do and without it, life would be quite bland and monochromatic.

Among many other facets, I am passionate about all things related to food which include areas such as:

  • history
  • beverages
  • writing and literature
  • reviews
  • film
  • health
  • business & marketing
  • design/styling
  • art
  • culture
  • science
  • travel/tourism

I have a longstanding background in graphic design and illustration, although I've always been an artist and enjoy experimenting with a wide variety of mediums. As a result, I wear many creative hats.

I love stories and to story tell.

I enjoy exploring a wide variety of interests and consider myself a polymath or a "renaissance soul" as some might say.

Baking and cooking have always come naturally to me, but I am currently on a rigorous self-learning path toward cultivating professional culinary skills and knowledge. So right now, I am trying a sparkling, candy-crusted medley of things to expand my awareness and familiarity with many succulent avenues of food. My path also includes a strong interest and investment in food writing, food illustration, and running my online bakery, Sweet Curiosities.

My biggest obstacle, of which I share with so many people an increasingly troubled and down economy, is finances. Or more specifically, a lack of proper finances to fully fund my predominate goals. I've always got a master plan waiting in the wings. I wouldn't be me otherwise. My middle name is "passion" but my nickname is "ideation."

I love meeting new people and making all sorts of connections. I'm an introvert with temperamental extrovert tendencies. Once you're in my circle of trust, you'll soon find that's a very intriguing and selective place to be and not a place to take for granted. If you are into personality typing, I'm very much a type 4 (4w5 and sx/sp subtypes) with type 5 tendencies  and an INFP/INTP hybrid. That should tell you some things...

Some of my dreams are to:
  • travel extensively
  • establish and maintain a great and close circle of lifetime friends and loved ones
  • become a food expert in my own right
  • create my own unique cooking show
  • develop and grow my bakery business (Sweet Curiosities)
  • grow and evolve tremendously in life
  • live in passion and harmony according to my nature
  • develop inner and fiscal prosperity 
  • get and be married (happily)
Things that intrigue me, things I value, things I obsess over, things that make me happy:

ghost towns, travel, moments of sharp clarity, personal revelations, illustration, coastal environments, water, cooking, baking, architecture, autodidacticism, eating and dining,  desserts, pastries, macarons,  nut butters, savory foods, candy, package design, beverages, miniature clay food, Lego block sets, usavich, old Garbage Pail Kids stickers, Scrabble, backgammon, good people, arcades, kindred connections, mixology, DIY culture, brilliant and profound displays of color, handcrafted soaps, konpeitou, gumball machines, medical journals, writing,  innocence, Monopoly, utterly silly moments, laughing fits, reading, books, magazines, dictionaries, thesauri, ball-jointed dolls, colorful patchwork skirts and clothing, bohemian dresses and skirts
encyclopedias, Whirly pops, blissful homesteading, creative intensity, intelligence, design (of many facets), languages, words, hide-and-go-seek, petits fours, nut flours, nut milks, gummy worms, playground games (foursquare, tether ball, handball, dodgeball and so on), Japanese rock candy (those cute, little translucent, rounded pieces of candies with patterns in the center), imagination, indulgent rainy days indoors, playfulness, candy bingo, emotional honesty, painting eggs, bunk beds, marble collections, story-telling, colors, poetry, spoken word, quaint cob houses, old time radio, dolls, doll houses, pastels, podcast, video podcasts, sushi, jigsaw puzzles, cake design and decorating, carousel, children's rhymes, cupcakes, birthday parties, masquerades, treasure hunts
amusement parks, bracelets and bangles, chokers, beautiful calendars, massages, color palettes and schemes, lip glossies and balms, lunch pails, gardens, folklore, video editing, film making, interesting eatware and glasses, polymathy, water balloon fights, learning, libraries, canines, themed parties, sleepovers, toy stores, console gaming, quirky tea sets, art galleries, moments where everything seems to fall into place, toy pianos, museums, sensuality, integrity, the color pink, laughter,  texture, peculiar fragrances and perfumes (especially gourmand scents), deep perspectives, lolita and gothic aristocrat-styled dresses, meta-creativity, glass magnets, awareness, scenic drives, neoteny, geeky and nerdy guys, geekism, Asian horror and cult films (including b movies), cotton candy, giddiness, carnival treats, handmade quilts
surreal quilt patterns, quilts, fashion, brand development, brand identity, entrepreneurship, succulents and cacti, striped knee-high socks and leggings, vintage clothing, exotic flowers and planets, cute buttons, fruits and vegetables, unconventional beauty, Tibetan chant, gelato, synesthesia, butoh, unusual soundscapes, food photography, simple pleasures,  jewelry, bohemianism, mason jars, watches and clocks, interior design, kissing, snuggling, beautiful and whimsical packaging, terrariums, shiny things, iridescence, scientific whims, happiness, the nature of being, authenticity, rock collecting, painting rocks, ceramics/pottery (including glass art), artist colonies, road trips, bakery crawls, pop up bakeries, patisseries, France, Tuscany, Thailand, Japan, designer toys, hideaways, secret societies, dark romanticism, sciences, emotional intimacy, inner wealth, medicine, honesty, vinyl toys, games (all kinds), puzzles, scenic walks, meditative labyrinths, naturopathy, slow food, alternative medicine and therapy, clowns and other masked characters (such as mimes, jesters and harlequins)
fabric stores, boba drinks and boba cafes, Re-ment miniatures, Sylvanian Families collectibles, iced teas, archetypes, micron pens, glass beads, Venetian masks and customs, carnivals, circuses, vaudeville acts, absurd humor, dark humor, film/cinema, music, soap-making, arts and crafts, natural bath and beauty care, curio and strange items, natural apothecaries, imaginary friends, great conversation, stones, surrealism, spirituality, metaphysics, gastronomy, modern cooking, odd couples and quirky romances, bizarro fiction, monogamy, fidelity, adventure, exploration, dandyism, guacamole, the sensation of light whispers in the ear
    Creative exploration, nurturing the child within (I have very child-like qualities in some ways and enjoy adventure), authentic expression, and cultivating and sharing knowledge all drive and stir me at the core.

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