"Food: Science, Art, Passion, Pleasure, Adventure & Exploration"

Little Pink Dictionary

This section will contain slang that I use -- personal terms and definitions that I've created to describe a variety of things and certain types of behavior and people.

Tasteer - A tasteer is more distinctive than a foodie. Tasteers, like explorers or adventurers, specifically seek out new sensations in flavor, taste, and even texture The are excited by special and unusual spice blends, unexpected flavor harmonies, the use of obscure or unorthodox ingredients to enhance and manipulate flavors, and cutting edge techniques that change the nature and shape of classic recipes without destroying their essence.

Starchy - Something that is addictive or brings about obsession through desire. This word can be applied to people, places, things, experiences, and to food in a stylistic sense.

Candy Day: A day filled with adventure and fun from very early in the day to late in the night: . A day where one continuously delights the senses by partaking in enriching, often soul-warming, and spirited, pleasurable activities. A candy day can be had alone, with a like-minded and equally enthusiastic romantic partner (my favorite), or a group of fun-loving friends and acquaintances.

Eat Your Grits - Means to develop grit for what you need to accomplish or push through in order to be successful in an endeavor or a goal. The word grit usually stands for sheer determination, ironclad resolution, and endurance, resilience or toughness.

Grits (the food) are metaphorically used because they tend to be a breakfast food and they are supposed to give one energy and proper nutrients to start and endure their day.

Culinary Book of Shadows: A dedicated notebook filled with culinary notes, ideas, recipes, inventions, plans, and goals.
A traditional book of shadows contains magical rituals and religious instructions for those that practice occultism. Incantations, prayers, spells and odd magical recipes and concoctions are usually in such a book, written by magic-makers, pagans and witches. No matter your religion, this is a creative way borrowed the term, so don't be scared or even offended. I consider myself spiritual but I do not subscribe to any particular religion.
My religion is truth-seeking, plain and simple, if there was one. I think of baking and cooking as alchemy and alchemy to me, although an old and ancient science that gave birth to modern day chemistry and other sciences, is magic.
Bakers, chefs, and cooks practice culinary magic. We are scientists and artists that use kitchens as our labs, with all of our curious and elaborate cooking wares and instruments, where we execute our crafts and spells that give way to edible treats that delight the senses. Foods are gifts and offerings that we share with loved ones, friends and society. With the appreciative intake and cultivation of food, we please life, we partake in the earth and we please ourselves. We show love and love is magic. Good energy.
Greenlight: anything that is OK, doable, acceptable, in the clear, or agreeable.

Pink Laughter: a sensation of sheer and utter delight, a feeling of inner youth, a highly giddy moment,a moment where you feel like the child within comes through completely. a strong expression of euphoria.

The philosophy of Pink Laughter

Pink Laughter is...

a visceral expression and entity of joy, creativity, fantasy, imagination, "surreality" childlike curiosity, wonderment, elation, zanyism, and innovation. This is a state of being, a state of mind, and a powerful, healing emotion. The spirit of Pink Laughter can be invoked at any time. It deeply satisfies the inner spirit while reflecting it outwardly -- filling up an otherwise bottomless pit of void and creating an erupting volcano of hyper magic, iridescent moods, and wild, arcane, joyful, cacophonous, perpetual echoes of laughter. Whatever you gravitated towards or found fascinating as a child must be tapped into again.

It goes back to the core, the central plan and mother epiphany. The spirit of Pink Laughter makes this possible through invocation. It soothes the aimless, dark beast within and brings out the Alice (from Alice in Wonderland) in all of us.

My Pink Laughter philosophy permeates into the way I live life, create, function, and think
Iridescent: 1. Something that is surreal, sharply innovative in a profound sense.

2. A person, or thing, who is rare and unusual, especially in a way that incites fascination and intrigue; a rara avis.

3. A person who, like in a display of various colors witin iridescence, shows many different abilities and talents. Another term for those who are scanners or Renaissance Souls.

Jigsaw Master: Someone who has mastered the skills of working through the pitfalls of life. Life strategist. Someone who adapts easily to a difficult or challenging situation. Someone who is great at figuring out solutions to a problem. Someone who is great with seeing patterns in a given situation and forming ideas or solutions with them; see the big picture.

Giggle Architect: Someone who makes others laugh and feel great; lighten the mood. Someone who can build wonderful and entertaining atmospheres for others. Someone with an addictive and notable sense of humor. Similar to a Candy Coated Clown, but with some entertaining differences focused on making people laugh and goof around.

Mouthsake: Something said for show or impression, but not for deep or legitimate meaning.  Something superficially and mindlessly said when someone just enjoys hearing him/herself talk.

Confetti Time: A time to celebrate and rejoice, especially if it involves surprise or spontaneity.

Sugarrific: Something that is delightfully sweet and tasty; loaded with a strong, sweet flavor profile.

Awesome Opossum : Something that is cool, wonderful and specifically fun. This term is more of an exclamation. If I see something that strikes my fancy or wows me, I'll shout out, "Awesome Opossum!"

Candy Coated Clown: A naturally engaging and charming person who immensely enjoys entertaining others. They bring "sweetness" (candied feelings) to social atmospheres.

Asymptotic Faery: Someone with an intriguing nature that you desire to know intimately but can not, no matter how hard you try to get close. This person might or might not be as they seem but you'll never. This doesn't mean an Asymptotic Faery is a falsehood or intends to be, it's just that you can't verify whatever assumptions you claim and you are always one step behind in discovery.

Sugar Faery: Someone who is known for giving away sweet treats or interesting gifts whenever they visit, whenever you see them, or whenever you come by their abode.

Shiny: A description for anything that distracts or takes away one's attention, usually through interest.

Dessert Scenes: Desserts scenes are distinctive parts or stages in a dessert recipe. This is a bit different than merely steps. For example, basic butter cakes often have 2 dessert scenes. The cake batter-making scene and the icing-making scene where icing is made and applied to the cake: two parts that come together as a whole to create an exhilarating "cinematic" dessert experience on the taste buds and in the mind. When you think of dessert scenes think of movie totally made out of sugar, sweet spices, and sprinkles comprised of fun and sparkly dessert scenes.

Rabbit-Holing - Rabbit-holing is when you are researching or looking at something fascinating and through this process, it leads you to look up even more information (often related in some way) and the activity goes on and on for awhile, even hours. You become tangled in an addictive loop where you fall down a rabbit hole of never-ending and alluring finds, and it is hard to find your way back to the surface or to walk away. Curiosity and/or a thirst for knowledge gets the best of you.

This happens often when I am looking through beautiful photostreams and favorites galleries on Flickr.com. This used to happen when I frequented devaiantART galleries, and it happens very often when I am browsing online dictionaries, thesauri and Wikipedia. One find leads to another, then another, then another...and that's what I call rabbit-holing.