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Wednesday, October 6, 2010

A Slow Roast Break

What a wonderful idea for a cake...
In a week or so (hopefully a little less than a week), I will be back to regular posting, but I wanted to give you guys an official notice about my decision in taking a break. Don't worry, it's just a short one! So stay tuned, I will be back soon.

There are some family issues that I must tend to among other a few other things. While I am on break, I will certainly be planning more entries and future activities for this blog such as:
  • more documented baking adventures (I have lots of recipes in mind, also feel free to send me any ideas)
  • some cooking adventures (savory foods which you haven't seen here yet)
  • changes in layout and a possible move to Wordpress format 
  • new site title and logo design (have a couple of names in mind)
  • creative, food-related info session and random thoughts entries
  • updates and reviews (ingredients, bakeries)
If you wish to contact me about anything, take a look at my contact page on my site menu, located on the left sidebar. :)

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