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Saturday, May 29, 2010

Getting Into a Sticky Situation

I am insane about sticky buns. 

I've made them before in a yeast dough/baking workshop taken with Clemence De Lutz Gossett, a wonderful, well-known baking and dessert guru and mentor, but I have yet to make them at home.

I am definitely curious about the process domestically. I don't have the luxury of a full scale commercial kitchen to bake them in and more specifically, flatten out and eventually roll out long sheets of thinly-placed ingredient-layered dough.

The process was very fun and fascinating in the workshop. I was all eyes, wanted to try my hand at everything and wanted to learn as much as I could, while finding time to snap pictures of everything and take notes in my notebook intermittently.

I have a few pictures of the workshop I attended last year for yeast doughs. I snapped these and several others, but I'll post a few in sequence. We also made brioche bread. We made apple cinnamon raisin sticky buns and caramel pecan sticky buns. The results were madly addictive. Seriously, once I got in the car with my share of what I had made in the class, let's just say no one would have been able to see my car driving out of the lot until like 20 minutes and one big empty box later. No actually, I did leave some to bring home for family. LOL

I am not sure what kind of sticky buns I'll make over the weekend. Maybe one of the two flavors I did in the workshop or something else different. Maybe I should try a basic and classic recipe first, to see how I do at home, and then innovate with unusual flavors.

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