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Monday, August 9, 2010

The Future Tastes Good

Some examples of food illustrations I've done

It is often said that imitation is the sincerest form of flattery. I agree with this statement in some instances and one of those is through the art of illustration, particularly food illustration.

I have a background in illustration and graphic design and a long love affair with anything art-related. As I've worked on developing my skills in the areas of baking and cooking, food writing, and food knowledge, lately, I'll admit to neglecting keeping up with illustration projects and continuous skill development. And it certainly is time to update and expand my design and illustration portfolio.

Faux ad for bowl of mashed potatoes
Faux ad for a dessert deli
One realm of illustration that I've always enjoyed working in is drawing food. It only seems natural that I would, because of my intense passion for anything involving food. I feel so excited and carefree when I illustrate food whether I am doing something very realistic or completely from my imagination. Drawing food allows me to become intimate in the visual acknowledgment with food. Drawing food is a sensual act in itself. I think even the most enthused of foodies might have a hard to recalling the details of what exactly makes honey look viscous and shiny in that unique way that such liquids often look, no matter how often they cook with, see or use this ingredient. The average person takes for granted what they see so frequently. We know objects when we see it. We understand the quality of what we see, but we rarely need or have to recall it visually in the form of art. This requires a constant application of skill and development of what I call the "visual third eye".

Maybe food photographers are a bit more keen with the details most people take for granted in food. They need to understand how food appears in a photo because, although they are literally drawing the scene, they have to be able to recognize what makes a great food scene and which food objects are best in a particular visual scenario in certain compositions. Light hitting directly on thick hot fudge sauce atop a sundae from a certain angle might be the best way to capture that distinctive shine of the decadent chocolate sauce so many people lust over. So a keen artistic eye is crucial to have and to continuously develop.

At some point, I'll be expanding this blog and part of that is to develop a website that is completely dedicated to all things I do further, professional and personally, with food . My website will contain the usual parts such as an about me, contact and reference section, but I'll have areas such as a recipe box (collection of favorite and signature recipes), a link to my online bakery (Sweet Curiosities), a large gallery of all food-oriented design work (menu design food illustration, business promo stuff), a seamless integration of my blog, a description of my writing services professionally, and eventually (hopefully) videos and a podcast link.

Some tentative promo work for my online bakery

As for what the name of my site will be? I don't know yet. I'll either use my name to reference the site and domain or I'll come up with a catchy title that clicks perfectly...and that hasn't happened yet. The name must be something that completely captures my sense of style and way of seeing things.

Some menu designs from the past

So, yes, I'd like to bring my design and illustration skills into my plans and activities with food. I want food to be a big part of my future in a creative and innovative way. Integrating these skills into the world of food would be ideal and perfect, truly allowing me to work with so many things that excite me and fill my life with passion!


  1. I've always loved your illustrations, but as a fellow foodie, I think the food ones are always my faves. These blew me away. I just had to show them to Seth and he agrees that they're wonderful. <3

  2. Thanks, Shannon! @)>~~

    I am currently working on a few more pieces.