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Friday, June 18, 2010

Happy Baking Time!

Today, I finally got around to getting some groceries for a few baking projects.

I've been budgeting a great deal lately, so spending has been very limited and when you are someone who loves to bake and cook as much as I do, money is definitely a necessity in abundance, because I'm always exploring recipes and ideas in the kitchen otherwise.

Tonight, I am trying out this ooey gooey, decadent brownie recipe that I discovered on this blog several months ago - The Waspy Redhead. I first came across this entry when I was looking around online for ideas for my redheads baking project (the red head equivalent to brownies and blondies). I will have to bake these again and document them for this blog, so you can see the delicious and scarlet results.

Anyway, when it comes to brownies, I really enjoy a fudge-textured brownie. Cake-like brownies are OK as I certainly would not turn them away, but chewy, moist, buttery, and dense brownies are the best, especially with a ganache fudge top. They feel like a real brownie, whereas a cake-like brownie reminds me simply of smaller and denser pieces of chocolate cake.

Tomorrow, I will be making oatmeal granola treats (as squares). Instead of using Rice Krispies, I'll be using granola. These are pretty simple to make with a thick marshmallow cream sauce used to hold together the granola, as the bars cool.

On Sunday, I will be making cinnamon sticky buns with a spiced glaze, as I've promised.

I'd also like to share with you three little amazing booklets that I received as gifts from an aunt recently. She knows how much I am into baking/cooking and dessert and sugar table design (I can't wait to explore further with this area of design), as well as baked goods gift packaging and ideas.

I fully recommend this cute little series of titles.

The booklets are published by CQ Products. You can purchase the books on their site directly or find the books on retail sites such as Amazon.com.