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Friday, January 8, 2010

Things to Cook or Bake in the next 500 days

This is a play off of the 101 Things to do in 1001 Days project.

II am going to write down things I'd like to make/cook within the next year or year and a half or things I have already made and cooked but want to do again in a different way or better (improve upon)...and cross them off as I do and/or improve them.

  • Create your own list of items you'd like to try, innovate or improve. Feel free to pass this idea on.

  1. Create homemade tortillas (from scratch) either flour or corn
  2. Make saltwater taffy
  3. Make marshmallows from scratch
  4. Make a tray of coconut ice from scratch
  5. Make my own butter from scratch
  6. Create my own cheese from scratch and use it in a sandwich, salad or pasta
  7. Make pasta dough from scratch and create a tasty pasta dish with homemade pesto sauce
  8. Make petits fours from scratch (buttercream iced and cream-filled with decorative coatings)
  9. Create a signature dessert or savory and promote and prepare it for loved ones.
  10. Prepare and make sticky buns from scratch (apple cinnamon or caramel rum)
  11. Make at least 2 dozen yeast dough glazed and chocolate doughnuts from scratch
  12. Prepare sushi at home (salmon or scallop)
  13. Make corn cakes from scratch with Mexican-style filling (ground turkey, homemade guacamole, sour cream, cheese, lettuce, tomatoes, etc.)
  14. Prepare spicy mango salsa
  15. Make an Indian curry dish from scratch (chicken korma, chicken tikka masala or something along those lines)
  16. Make funnel cake at home
  17. Prepare homemade vanilla bean ice cream, a sorbet, a gelato or another cold treat.
  18. Make cheese tamales
  19. Make proper homemade cannolis
  20. Create a margherita pizza from scratch, dough and all
  21. Learn how to poach several unique ingredients
  22. Learn how to temper chocolate well
  23. Successfully bake and prepare a fondant cake with a unique style
  24. Learn how to recreate my mom's gumbo recipe
  25. Make a fudge from scratch (this is another one I've done but I want to avoid the batter setting up grainy this time around)
  26. Create a nut butter out of a selected nut (cashew, almond, pistachio) and use it in either a savory or dessert dish
  27. Make cinnamon or honey graham crackers
  28. Create one of each: a marmalade, a jelly, a jam, a spread, a fruit butter, a fruit curd
  29. Make pancakes from scratch (no mix)
  30. Prepare homemade French fries
  31. Prepare homemade jalapeño poppers with cheddar cheese
  32. Make mozzarella sticks with a cocktail or ranch sauce/dressing also made from scratch
  33. Prepare a classic French dish
  34. Prepare loaf bread and use it for sandwiches, traditional toast, or a breakfast meal (French toast, grilled cheese)
  35. Bake a roast or turkey with a special glaze or spice blend made from scratch
  36. Prepare a Thai green curry dish (kiew wan) with jasmine rice
  37. Create a signature drink (smoothie, shake, alcoholic, malt or juice)
  38. Make ice cream sandwiches (using homemade ice cream goal)
  39. Make homemade Popsicles with juice mixture I've created from fruit
  40. Make cookies with a filled center
  41. Make chicken pot pie from scratch
  42. Make clam chowder from scratch in a sourdough bread bowl
  43. Prepare crackers of some kind from scratch
  44. Make an Étouffée dish from scratch
  45. Make homemade eggnog
  46. Prepare a fruit cobbler
  47. Make a lasagna dish from scratch with a cheese sauce
  48. Prepare a custom boba drink
  49. Create a signature nacho dish
  50. Make baklava from scratch, including phyllo dough
  51. Make a pie from scratch, including pie crust
  52. Creating pop tarts from scratch
  53. Prepare a tart with a fruit or chocolate filling
  54. Prepare a chili from scratch
  55. Make a baked dish using potatoes as one of the main ingredients (potato au gratin)
  56. Create a signature baked banana pudding dish

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