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Monday, January 11, 2010

Working On My Baking/Cooking To-Do List

Well, I better get started working on my 50 Things to Bake/Cook list. My personal affairs have been very out of sorts and busy lately, but I don't want to abandon my commitment to this blog and to continuing my exploration of the world of food and food passion. So, as I've said a few times, stay tuned.

If you saw my previous entry, you'll notice what I had on my cooking/baking to-do list. I want to begin checking off some items there because the list wasn't made to simply look cute. LOL. It was compiled for eventual and gradual but total completion.

Here are things I've been contemplating making lately (making from scratch) and I haven't forgotten about my curry dish promise. I will be eventually making a curry dish, one that I've made or one that hasn't been made:

  • Pizza (pesto, vegetable, margherita, or triple cheese)
  • Pesto lasagna
  • Chicken korma with basmati rice.

I'd like to innovate a bit with toffee too. I might do something with pistachios and/or some type of liqueur.

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