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Sunday, January 3, 2010

Food-Themed Lists

Last night, I thought about compiling some very cool lists that have food as a theme. What I'll do is add them to the sidebar later. I'll occasionally update them if I come across anything new.

These are some list ideas I have in mind:
  1. Awesome Food-themed Films
  2. Zany Food-themed Games
  3. Wonderful Food-scented Perfumes
  4. Spectacular Food-themed Music
So far, I've got some items under each list. If you read my blog and have any ideas to add to any of these lists, please send them my way. I think one of the challenging lists (other than the music list) is the one about films. I've seen many films with food-themed scenes but the movies aren't generally food-based . The Joy Luck Club comes to mind as well as Soul Food. The films can be documentaries, too.

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