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Thursday, January 7, 2010

Baking Adventure 3: Chocolate Obsession Cookies

I am not sure what to call these. I always feel compelled to come up with this dazzling and alluring name for my baking experiments. Coming up with a cool name honors and completes the recipe for me. I feel like cake has it's icing, so to speak. The cookie batter for the dough was made with Valrhona cocoa powder, dark chocolate fèves (used to make a dark chocolate ganache using heavy cream; added to the cookie dough batter), a bit of Nutella, rum liquor, and vanilla bean paste. I didn't mind putting vanilla in these because there was so much chocolate flavor to begin with and I wanted a more complex flavor profile than simply and only chocolate. The rum liquor added a twist to the flavor of the cookie dough (I used Myers's original dark Jamaican rum). Each cookie contains a gooey milk chocolate center and is topped with a Valrhona chocolate pearl, in the center. They were baked into the cookie as a decorative touch.

These are seriously yum and they came out with absolutely the most perfect texture. Moist and chewy. I definitely pat myself on the back for this baking adventure. The cookies are all gone now. I had a platter FULL of them piled up on top of one another when all the baking was done for the day.

^ These cookies are cooling on the rack. They were just taken out of the oven and are the first batch.

^ More chocolate obsession cookies cooling on the rack (close up)


^ Platter of cookies, but these were the first round of them. Once I was done with each batch, the pile was much larger.


 ^ Showing what one of the cookies looks like when broken apart, revealing the milk chocolate center.

To get the milk chocolate center, I baked each cookie as I did the green tea white chocolate sugar cookies. I cut out circles in hand-flattened dough with one of my circular cookie cutters (I am going to have to take photos of my collections of cookie cutters soon. I have so many kinds and sets). Half of the circles were the bottoms and the other half were the tops. Each cookie bottom received a milk chocolate fèves in the center and was layered with a cookie top. The top was pressed lightly around the edges to gently seal in the milk chocolate fève (disc-shaped piece of chocolate) and placed in a baking tray sprayed with Pam Baking spray (which includes real flour in the mix). The spray has a wonderful birthday cake aroma to it when you spray it in the tray and the scent releases into the air.

These take no more than 10 minutes to bake. You can bake them up to 12 minutes, but it's so easy to lose track of time, because as soon as you put them into the oven, they are done so quickly. Best to remain near or in the kitchen as they bake so you don't forget!

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